Your Ransomware risk mitigation solution sucks.
At the risk of being provocative, it’s important to understand that the current “best practices” for Ransomware defense are extremely risky and costly. If you are following the established “best practices” you are backing up all your data in a way that isolates those backups from your production data in an effort to ‘recover’ from a Ransomware attack. Unfortunately, this will result in extensive down-time and a breach of your data and systems. Our next-generation solution solves this problem.
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What's the cost of employees walking away with your data?
Let’s face it, some employees don’t feel they are breaking any laws or their own moral code when they take office supplies home. Many of those same people also know that leaving their position with company data is wrong and yet they often do it. This behavior can effectively be blocked; whether the data is on-premise, in the cloud, or mobile — wherever your employees take it.
How well is your company protected against a attack?

Contact us today for a free Ransomware Simulation to validate your preparedness. All too many of our clients find us after the damage is done. We would rather make your acquaintance before that happens.

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Antivirus, Antimalware, and Firewalls leave severe gaps.

Even with the most sophisticated solutions you may employ, budget notwithstanding, there is a significant risk of infection and breach due to unknown (zero-day) malware and vulnerabilities. Our solution leverages artificial intelligence, real intelligence, and a knowledge of real-time events across your organization’s devices to best combat the onslaught of threats. Our security solution goes where your devices go so you are protected regardless of locale.


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Centristic delivers the industry’s most complete IT security and secured solutions to small and medium-sized companies across the US. With more than 20 years and hundreds of happy client accolades we succeed in redefining security for our clients. Our unique solution enables your workforce to successfully balance flexibility and security in the way they work and access company systems. Our security solution mitigates the risk of employees and bad actors from walking away with your data. The most unique service is our Ransomware Defense; all but eliminating the risk of Ransomware.
Protect your business before your best choice is a horrible one. Our solution solves the problem.
Monitor, Detect, and Prevent
Our NextGen platform prevents, detects, alerts and automatically recovers wherever your people or data reside.
User Devices
The war for security and business integrity is now being waged at the endpoint. Our solution lives on the endpoint and protects wherever it goes.
E-Mail and Messaging
Your organization is under constant attack. End users are falling victim to phishing. Let us harden your security and improve your employees' response to threats.