Microsoft Server Security Assessment (MSSA)

Detailed, platform-specific review of the configuration of Microsoft servers to ensure these critical systems are configured to minimize exposure and risk and maximize security. Centristic analyzes registry settings, installed programs, enabled services, patch levels, and other configuration parameters to identify deviations from best practices, evidence of possible infections, and to provide recommendations for improving security.

  • Credentialed review of Microsoft servers
  • Network-based testing
  • Automated scoring of configurations, registries, patches
  • Manual review of tool results and configurations
  • Review of installed programs and enabled services
  • Inspection to identify potential malware infections
  • Comparison against best-practices
  • Classification of severity of findings
  • Remediation recommendations
  • Microsoft servers
    • Representative configurations
    • Vulnerable outliers
  • Registry settings
  • Installed programs
  • Enabled services
  • Patch levels
  • Malware
  • Configuration settings

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